Mighty Oaks Singapore

Zanel Lee
Class Teacher
Master - Special Education

I have worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder aged between 2.5 to 12 years old for almost 9 years now. Although it is undeniably challenging to work with students with special needs, the sense of achievement that i get out of my work experience is priceless. My background has been in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Structured Teaching. These are very traditional, teacher-direct teaching approach. 

So, why did i decide to move out of my comfort zone to join Mighty Oaks which uses a completely different teaching approach? 

I strongly believe that as an educator, it is important for me to constantly upgrade myself so that i can become an even better educator than I am now. I had previously attended workshops which encourage child-directed learning but had never put the knowledge into good use. Hence, I am really excited to be able to put it into practice and experience the benefits of Floortime. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to work at Mighty Oaks alongside a bunch of wonderful colleagues, children and their parents. See you at Mighty Oaks!

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