Mighty Oaks Singapore

Grace Oh
Class Teacher
Master in Special Education

Hi, I’m Grace and I am from Singapore.

Before working with children, I was in the service industry. I remember once taking care of a toddler while her Mother went to the lavatory. The Mother asked me afterwards if I had any children. I was still young and did not yet have any. The Mother told me that she had asked because I was so natural when interacting with her child.

The Mother’s comment made me think about what I really wanted to do. I went on to take my Diploma in early childhood education and discovered an affinity and love for being with children that a stranger so astutely observed. I never turned back since and went on to complete Bachelors in Early Childhood Education in Australia. Throughout my fifteen years of interacting with children in diverse early childhood settings, I became curious and intrigued with children who struggle to communicate and I wanted to help them find the words. As such, I embarked on a Masters in Special Education and switched to early intervention, merging my experience with young children and my interest in special education.

Why DIR-Floortime?

Being with children, I discover time and time again how a warm and trusting relationship gives children the secure base to explore the world around them. By following their lead in play, we acknowledge their individual differences and engage them through their world. DIR-Floortime gives me the tools of engagement to break the barriers of communication with our little ones.

I’m so honoured to have the opportunities to learn and grow with the children at Mighty Oaks and I’m looking forward to having lots of fun and laughter with them!

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