Mighty Oaks Singapore

Melanie Ribet
Occupational Therapist

I trained as an occupational therapist at Queen Margaret University Scotland receiving a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree.  I come from a small island called Mauritius and therefore can speak both French and English fluently. I have always had a strong interest in working with children and am passionate about the way in which our ability to make sense of our bodies and our surroundings impacts on what we do in our daily lives in areas such as play, learning, daily living skills and relationships so occupational therapy is a wonderful profession for me.

I have experience working in a paediatric centre in Scotland and have also had the privilege of working as a volunteer occupational therapist in an orphanage in Madagascar. I have been working in Singapore since September 2015.  I am based in Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre but carry out therapy sessions within Mighty Oaks one day a week.

I believe in a holistic approach in which each child is viewed as being an individual with their own unique profile of skills and challenges. I see my role as being able to help children thrive and reach their maximum potential in their daily activities such as self care, eating, play and learning, which is really what occupational therapy is all about.

I have worked with children with a variety of conditions (e.g. Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, and more specific conditions such as Progeria Syndrome) and a variety of challenges, and with different age groups. Working alongside other professionals such as speech language therapists, teachers and educational psychologists, I strongly believe that team work is essential in order to provide the best care possible to the children we work with. I also believe that parents are an essential part of the team.

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