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Chelsea  Hong
Occupational Therapist

Chelsea Hong

Occupational Therapist


My name is Chelsea and I am an Occupational Therapist from Singapore. I have worked with children and adolescents with special needs for more than 10 years both locally as well as overseas (in British Columbia, Canada). I have worked in various settings in early intervention clinics and public hospitals and with a wide range of conditions including children with autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit and hyperactivity, dyspraxia, sensory integration dysfunction and developmental delays.

In addition, I have attended numerous training and workshops in Sensory Integration, handwriting and the use of the Floortime approach. My clinical area of interest is in the use of a combination of sensory integration, cognitive-based interventions and the Floortime based approach in the treatment of children and teens with behavioural regulation, attention issues and movement-based difficulties. 

I am passionate about helping young children to get ready for school, build gross and fine motor skills, and manage a variety of engagement and attention challenges through a variety of strategies including fun, interactive activities and learning experiences. I work at Mighty Oaks one full day per week, providing an hour of therapy for each class/group, once a week. On the other days, I work at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre.