Hi, I'm

Sakina Ali

Class Teacher

Sakina Ali

​Class Teacher. Certificate in Autism.

Master in Special Ed in progress.

Sakina Mighty Oaks

I am Sakina from Singapore. Before entering the special education sector I worked at the National Library Board, organizing events to encourage reading and a love to stories. On one such event at a school, my boss complimented me of my ability to connect with children. I decided to take on teaching and applied to Pathlight School, where I worked for 5 years with lower primary children. This was an eye-opening experience for me, as I met children with various profiles who had different needs and challenges. I was interested in learning more about how their little minds worked, and how to help them thrive with the wonderful qualities they had. I decided to apply for the Masters in Special Education program at National Institute of Education (NIE), which I am currently pursuing.

Why DIR-Floortime?

The Floortime approach has really encouraged me to be supportive towards what the children are saying, be it through verbal or non-verbal communication. When children feel heard and responded to, they are more willing to engage with us. It then becomes easier for me to help them grow according to their strengths and abilities. I feel enthusiastic about collaborating with my amazing colleagues here at Mighty Oaks to bring out the best in every child.