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Specialist School Readiness Classes 

for Children Aged  3 to 6

About  Us

Mighty Oaks was founded in 2010 to help children to be successful at mainstream schools. The programs are designed for children who struggle with some aspects of mainstream learning.

We offer intensive half-day programs children can attended before, after, or instead of their mainstream preschool or kindergarten.

At Mighty Oaks, children learn about

-  School readiness skills such as

-  Focused attention and

-  Listening skills,

-  Academic and pre-acedemic skills,

-  Play and creativity, and

-  Peer interaction.


How We Can Help You

Mighty Oaks is the go-to program for children with delays in social communication, peer interaction, academic readiness, and ability to remain calm and attentive in a group of children.

Children learn in small groups from warm and nurturing teachers through hands-on activities and play. Group-based Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Therapy are included in the program. 

What sets us apart from other programs is our methodology. We follow the principles of the Finnish educational system and the DIR-Floortime method. The Floortime-approach works for all children and helps them learn to relate, communicate, and think.

Children love coming to Mighty Oaks! We respect their thoughts, opinions and emotions, and nurture their creativity.

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