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Hi, I'm

Arun Suraparaj

Senior Teacher

Arun Suraparaj

Senior Teacher.

Advanced Dip - Special Education;

Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education.


I am originally from India and moved to Singapore in 1995. Before switching my career to teaching most of my working experience was with computers. The birth of my first child opened up a whole new world. I learned how young children learn best when they are having fun during play. This little push opened my teaching career as a Teacher at Moral EPIC Centre, an Early Intervention Centre for Young Children.


Since then, working with children was what I really wanted to do and I was convinced to pursue “Advanced Diploma in Special Education” program (2012). I briefly learned about Floortime during this Diploma program and instantly fell in love with it.  In January 2013 I joined Mighty Oaks Learning Centre. I completed my one-year Professional Certification in Floortime by Profectum Academy in 2019.


Why do I love Floortime?

Floortime approach gives me the insight to understand the child’s individual sensory and motor profile. It provides me opportunities to understand the child’s unique way of understanding his or her world, how he or she takes in and processes information.  This understanding has opened a new path for me to follow the child’s lead and interests while challenging him or her to move up the developmental ladder.


Why follow a child’s lead? “That’s our ultimate goal for entering their shared world to help them be empathetic, creative, logical, reflective individuals.”  Dr. Stanley Greenspan

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