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Hi, I'm

Charisse Evangelista

Speech and Language Therapist

Charisse Evangelista

Speech & Language Therapist


I am Charisse, a Speech and Language Therapist originally from the Philippines. I started my career in 2004 in private therapy clinics and special education preschools and I moved to Singapore in 2008.

My passion lies in integrating that little learner to the "big school" where he spends long years of his academic life. As I grew and learned together with my clients came the understanding that in the real world, the child's ability to read, spell, write and speak are not enough. Most of these children struggle because they have difficulty making sense of the information around them.


In Mighty Oaks, I am given the opportunity to help children maximize their learning potential and support them in their academic and social needs as these areas contribute largely in their development as individuals. I work at Mighty Oaks one full day per week and spend an hour with each group of children once a week. On the other days, I work at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre.

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