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Our Students

The Mighty Oaks preschool programs benefit children aged 3 – 6 years who are facing some challenges in areas such as:

  • Peer interaction

  • Language development & communication skills

  • Sensory processing, e.g. poor attention, restless, distracted

  • Managing emotions, e.g.withdrawn, volatile, anxious, or gets angry easily

  • Fine motor skills and handwriting

  • Academic skills and school readiness


Our classes are designed for children from local and international mainstream schools. We offer an intensive

program to address the child's difficulties and aim to return them to the mainstream class as soon as possible, usually within 6-9 months. In mild cases, 3 months may be sufficient.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Severe developmental delay

  • Severe physical disability

  • Significant behavioral problems, such as intense unprovoked aggression

  • No verbal language

  • Poor joint attention

Children with poor ability to engage and relate may benefit from individual parent-child Floortime sessions to build up their skills before joining a group.

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