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Intake Procedure

A stringent pre-admission assessment will be implemented after the initial screening to ensure that the children are a good match to each other. Here is what to do:


1. Call Mighty Oaks and make an appointment for a parental visit to meet our Director, Dr. Suvi Pitkola and view the premises (free of charge). These appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. An individual screening appointment for the child with the Director. The cost is $200 and the appointment takes an hour, in the presence of the parents. The intake assessment is normally done informally through play.  The assessment fee is non-refundable. Verbal feedback will be offered.


3. Program trial of 10 days, followed by a parent meeting to view videotapes of the child and discuss observations and recommendations ($2,200 for 10 days, includes a parent feedback meeting).


  • A fully refundable one-month deposit is required to secure place.

  • Children join the Mighty Oaks programs for one six-month term at a time. Short-term placements are accepted in some cases.Children may be admitted at any time, provided that a vacancy is available.

  • A notice period of 4 weeks is required for any change of days.

  • A notice of 8 weeks is required for a withdrawal in order to get the deposit refunded.

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