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Program Fees

Parental visits (45 min) and phone calls: Free of charge.

Intake screening for the child: $220 /1 hour, by our Director Suvi.

Trials: $2,400 / 10 days and $1,200 / 5 days (includes a parent feedback meeting),


Monthly preschool & therapy fees: $2,700 (3 days), $3,100 (4 days), and $3,500 (5 days) per month.  

The fees are all-in and include:

- Daily support from Dr. Suvi

- Once-weekly group OT on Tuesdays or Wednesdays by Katherine Aw, a senior OT 

- Once-weekly group SLT on Thursdays by Charisse Evangelista, a senior SLT

- Once-weekly academic support on Mondays by Punitha Charles, a senior educational therapist

- Daily parent communication, all reports, goals, plans and meetings

- Communication with the child's therapists and teachers in other centres and a 6-monthly school observation for children attending mainstream preschools

Social skills only: $2,000 (2 days) per month. This option is for children in mainstream schools who have a strong developmental foundation and mainly require support for peer interaction in one of our afternoon groups.


Individual Floortime sessions/ parent coaching: First visit $250 (75 min), subsequent sessions $230 (60 min), by Dr. Suvi

Fees are payable monthly in advance for groups, and after each appointment for individual sessions. We accept  bank transfer and PayNow. Fees are subject to change, notice will be provided.

Baby Bonus.

Our company Three Oaks Pte Ltd is registered as an Approved Institution under the Registry of Early Intervention Programs for Baby Bonus providers. Our Registration Number is EP12085. We accept Baby Bonus NETS payments.

More info:

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